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Madrona Marsh Sign Near the Gates

MADRONA MARSH is a little nature preserve in Torrance , California . Patches of wet land after a spring rain attract wildlife ( mostly birds ) . The place is well kept . You wouldn’t find any people there most of the time . I like going there a few days after it stops raining . That’s when it’s most beautiful .

Inside the Gates of Madrona Marsh

Can you believe there is a huge shopping mall right behind me just across the street ?

Yesterday , I spent at the Marsh several hours : took some pictures , set under the trees for a while , found a family of ducks , and made a watercolor sketch I want to use as a reference for an oil painting . In short , I had a great time .

Look at the pictures , and if you live near Torrance , take the time to visit this unique place . It’s free . They also have a tiny NATURE MUSEUM in the building across from the preserve .
P. S. Bring a bottle of water because nature walks can make you thirsty .