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1. Apples : pectin in them helps lower blood cholesterol levels and removes toxic metals , such as lead and mercury from the body .

2. Grapefruit : promotes a healthy heart and improves blood circulation .

3 . Limes : like all citrus , they help fight infections , boost immunity , help maintain mental alertness , and strengthen blood vessel walls .

4. Mangoes : good for cleansing the kidneys and blood and can improve skin texture .

5. Pineapples : eating it between meals helps prevent blood clots ; aids digestive system .

6 . Raspberries : can prevent the overgrowth of certain fungi and bacteria in the body , such as yeast Candida albicans .

7. Strawberries : keep the urinary tract and the heart healthy , good for cleansing the digestive system , have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties .

8. Cranberries : counter premature aging , prevent bacteria to adhere to  the walls of the urinary tract ; can help chesty coughs and sore throats .

9. Cherries : eating them daily can relieve headaches and reduce levels of uric acid .

10 . Dates : help maintain healthy skin ; good for anyone who has fatigue or anemia .

These are a few good properties of some of my favorite foods . The information was taken from  a book called 100 HEALTH-BOOSTING FOODS by hamlyn . I found the book at a L.A. public library . It has a lot more facts and recipes for super health . I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in eating healthy .


Free Knitting Patterns

Posted: July 12, 2012 in crafts

I found these really simple patterns for a pair of mittens , a hat , and a couple of scarfs at . They are free to download even if you do not purchase the yarns from them .