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Saving Old Work

Posted: May 27, 2016 in crafts
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This is an old painting of mine . I left it unfinished a long time ago because the canvas itself was old , and as I tried to press my brush onto it , it dented too much . That cracked the grout , and the background paint started to chip off . I decided not to discard the painting because I could solve this problem by making the back of the canvas more rigid. One way of doing it is glueing the fabric of the canvas onto something like a cardboard or wood . I chose a
piece of pressed cardboard , and this is how I did it .
Step 1 . I removed staples that held the canvas on its wooden frame .
Step 2 . I trimmed the edges of my painting , lay it flat on a chosen piece of cardboard, and outlined the space where it will be glued . I used a ruler for straight lines and tacky glue because I find it to be stronger than School Glue .
Step 3 . I put glue on both surfaces , the cardboard and the back of my canvas , making sure there is enough glue to make the fabric and the cardboard to adhere , but not too much , especially closer to the edges. I worked fast .
Step 4 . I made sure my painting is precisely where I want it to be . Now , I wanted to get rid of any baubles , so I very slowly rolled a kitchen rolling pin from the center out in all directions . ( Place a clean piece of paper towel , not shown , over your painting before using the rolling pin . This protected my painting. )If my painting had heavy brush strokes , I would just use my fingertips because a flat surface of a rolling pin would have not worked on a bumpy surface .
Step 5 . I left it to dry for a day or so and then put a paper mat over it just to see how it will look framed . The surface of the painting is now rigid enough for me to continue my work .