How I Make Stamps 

Posted: September 20, 2016 in crafts

I have been asked to post a tutorial on how I go about making stamps and stamp prints . So here it is .

Start small if you’re just starting : simple design is easier to do , and almost any mistake will look like it was meant to be there. 

Materials and tools for cutting out stamps vary . You can cut your image on wood , rubber , and even stone . Rubber erasers are perfect for smaller stamps . 

If you’re good at drawing free hand,  use a black marker , an ink pen , or a soft pencil to draw your design directly on a surface you will cut . 

On this photo below is the design I chose from a Chinese flip book of cutouts.

 2017 will be a Year of a Rooster,  so I picked an image of a Rooster . 

I usually use transparent paper to transfer my sketches or found designs onto the rubber surface .

 I used a pen here only because I wanted the image to show better on a photo . Using a soft pencil is the best .

The image can be stamped on wood , use a thin layer of acrylic paint for that , and then colored in with color pencils or acrylic paints . It is a good idea to varnish a painting done on wood .

When stamping with acrylic paint,  the stamp should be washed after only a few image transfers and dried on a paper towel . New images will come out clean looking . 

If you would like a more detailed explanation on one of the steps , please leave your questions in a comment section.  

Happy stamping !


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